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Investment Banking

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We advise companies with high growth and profitability potential in raising private equity through institutional investors.

Advising family businesses who seek growth but do not want to increase their leverage and / or companies that want a business partner not only for capital infusion but for the benefits of the partnership itself; the partner’s networking, distribution channels, business power, experience, and know-how.

Evercore has a solid track record advising family businesses, Evercore not only advises from a financial perspective, we also support companies to consolidate their corporate government, risk management process and growth strategies, with the objective of maximize the family estate.

Evercore works with its clients in long term relations, both advising in growth and consolidation plans, when economic and market environment are positive, and with financial strategies in adverse conditions.

Evercore has the needed resources and financial talent to advise family and institutional businesses in their expansion programs and financial restructures.

Evercore also advises companies to raise debt or equity in order to restructure their balance sheet. Evercore´s services include leverage capacity analysis, financing alternatives, contacting financial institutions, competitive processes, organization and transaction structure, among others.

We advise companies that are planning, in the long term, to carry out an initial public offering (IPO). Partnering with an institutional investor prior to an IPO is a good alternative in the process of going public since it strengthens the company’s corporate structure and financial perspectives.

Evercore usually proposes a strategy in phases so the company is in its best possible shape in order to access the private equity market.

The first phase is to get the company ready and ensure that it has the fundamentals to defend the highest possible valuation with the least number of penalties for contingencies.

The second phase is taking the company to the private equity markets.

We have the expertise to advise clients from a wide variety of industries, with the ability to rapidly apply our experience and knowledge of best practices to understand the key drivers of the industry and the client needs in particular, thus preparing the company to access the financial markets in the best possible terms and at the highest possible valuation.

Our Offices

Ciudad de México
Torre Virreyes
Pedregal # 24, 15nd Floor,
Col. Molino del Rey.
Del. Miguel Hidalgo
CP: 11040
México City
Tel: (55) 5249 4300
Fax: 5249 4334

Batallón de San Patricio 111, Piso 29
Torre Comercial América, Col. Valle Oriente
San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L. C.P. 66269
Tel: (81) 8133 5500
Fax: 8133 5526

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