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Public Finance and Infrastructure

Bienvenido a Protego

The Public Finance and Infraestructure (PFIT) team was created in 2002.

Evercore is absolute leader in local public finance. During the period 2005-2008 Evercore closed more than 48 deals amounting more than 97 billion pesos.

The PFIT core principles require that all its services should be aimed to:

(I) Promote fiscal responsibility and long term financial planning;

(II) Find creative ways to provide access to our customers to the financial markets on the best terms and conditions; and

(III) Design and implement tailored solutions for our customers.

The main services provided by the PFIT are the following:

Infrastructure project finance:The PFIT provides advice to local governments in reforming local legislation to foster infrastructure funding through DBFO schemes. Moreover, the PFIT advises local governments in the tender process of infrastructure concessions and P3 projects. So far, the PFIT has advised 7 states on constitutional reforms to allow multiyear budgeting, and implementing other legal reforms aimed to facilitate infrastructure funding through P3 schemes. The pfit also provides advice to new concessionaries in infrastructure project finance.

Advisory on public debt policy:The PFIT provides advice to local governments on the issuance of marketable or non-marketable securities: long term loans, local assets and/or local revenue cash flow securizations; refinancing and restructuring transactions.

Institutional financial development:The PFIT provides advice to local governments in creating revolving funds for water projects and designing schemes and vehicles for bundled municipal debt issuance.

Swot and strategic analysis:The PFIT regularly implements swot analysis and regional strategic analysis among several local governments, helping them to put order in local public finances and to guide and promote economic development.

The PFIT is the leader in financial transactions with sub sovereign entities in Mexico, having implemented up to this date more than 26 transactions of credit and/or refinancing.

Our Offices

Ciudad de México
Torre Virreyes
Pedregal # 24, 15nd Floor,
Col. Molino del Rey.
Del. Miguel Hidalgo
CP: 11040
México City
Tel: (55) 5249 4300
Fax: 5249 4334

Batallón de San Patricio 111, Piso 29
Torre Comercial América, Col. Valle Oriente
San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L. C.P. 66269
Tel: (81) 8133 5500
Fax: 8133 5526

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